Google Adwords Data Connector.

Pivot Adwords cost per acquisition to the customer level.

How Google Adwords Data Connector works

The Snowflake Analytics Data Connector exports Adwords data daily into your Redshift or other database, including gclid (Google Click ID) and cost data pulled from the criteria performance report. The Data Connector allows you to join Google Adwords cost data with your behavioural analytics tool at the event level, integrating into tools such as Snowplow Insights, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Amazon Web Services

Google Adwords Click level data

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X CoWidgetsYellowB TwoCNLPp9KUp*5.66
X CoWidgetsOrangeC ThreeCjwKEA*1.55
X CoWidgetsRedD FourjwiYG9BRC*2.11
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Snowplow Insight event level data


Event level data automation

Connect Snowplow Insights customer data with Google Adwords GCLID performace data for true customer ROI and insights at the customer level.

Aggregate level Adwords reporting automation

Automate any Google Adwords Performance report and spend more time analysing the data.

Adwords Account level insights

X CoWidgetsGreen1,467,58388,054$284,414.42
X CoWidgetsYellow4,637,254278,235$1,574,810.10
X CoWidgetsOrange967,58459,055$91,535.25
X CoWidgetsRed98,7645,921$12,493.31
X CoWidgetsBlue6,543,227392,592$2,441,922.24

Snowflake Analytics Managed Services


Snowplow Insights uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its storage service, your data never leaves your AWS account. AWS has been accredited under ISO 27001.


Snowflake Analytics engineering support is available 24/7 every day of the year to keep your pipeline running.


All services are set up with operational monitoring and alerting allowing our customers to focus on building their business, not managing analytics infrastructure.


Snowplow Insights is designed to scale to billions of events. As you grow, so does the analytics infrastructure to support your business. With managed services, we handle all the autoscaling for you.


Snowplow Insights is lossless data by design. No event is deleted. Even data with errors can be corrected and stored back in the main tables.


Snowplow Insights is a context rich platform enabling customers to create custom contexts that describe the events that matter. We help you build your company schema registry.

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